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My mammogram came back abnormal - now what?

If you're asked to come back for additional screenings, take a deep breath. TriStar Breast Surgery is here to help you with what's next and make you feel comfortable during an unknown time.

Having to come in for a lump in the breast does not automatically mean a breast cancer diagnosis. A benign lump could be a cyst, dense breast tissue or calcium deposits. A breast biopsy can be performed to remove tissue to rule out breast cancer, or see if cancer is present.

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer - what's next?

Know that you are not alone - TriStar Breast Surgery is here to support you on your journey to recovery.

Dr. Morehouse will work with you and your loved ones to discuss breast cancer treatment options, side effects and physiological and psychological changes you may experience.

Call today to schedule an appointment with our breast cancer specialist.

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